Weekly Preview: 

  • Theme:  Space and next Oceans
  • Language Development:  High Frequency Words
  • Math:  Numbers 1-20, Number Line and Adding Sums up to 10
  • Social Studies: Who celebrates Halloween?
  • Science: Weather , Seasons Classifying Rocks, Minerals & Gems
  • Music: Studying Laurie Berkner and Instruments 
  • Art: Mixing Colors and Seasonal Colors  
  • Writing: Upper & Lowercase Letters Plus Complete Sentences

Registration:  Registration is now open for next year and Summer Camp.  


Jr. Kindergarten

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Long Grove Country School

Wonder - Learn - Play

Sample Weekly Update

  • Animal Encounters
  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Gardening Opportunites
  • Water Activities
  • Community Service Hours available for HS students
  • Jr. Counselor programs
  • ​Elementary and Preschool Programs available all summer

Our Kindergarten has a maximum of 16 children in the class.  This smaller class size allows us to offer an individualized curriculum for all students while still meeting the Common Core Standards.  Students who attend Long Grove Country School bring many gifts and it is our job to help unwrap those gifts.  Come and let your child explore and learn in our hands-on environment where we are able to use both our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Using themes like...traveling to outer space in our rocket made out of boxes.  Going under the sea and meeting an octopus, a crab and more.  Celebrating Cinco De Mayo by learning some of the language, music and customs. Mrs. Gill and the kindergarten class will have fun in a safe and nurturing environment. We excel at challenging each student to their fullest potential, while giving each child the confidence to be successful in school now and in the future.  We look forward to working with each family as a team to help your child learn, grow, and blossom as a student.  

Call to schedule a time to meet with us to learn more about our program.

  • Registration Form & Fees
  • Full-day & half-day options
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Ability to differentiate curriculum
  • Follow Common Core Standards
  • Students get to take advantage of outdoor classroom when weather permits
  • Weekly Curriculum Includes: Literature, Language Development, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Music, Art, Writing, Fine and Gross Motor, and Technology

General Info

​Jr./sr. Kindergarten


My kids love summer camp!  As a parent, I love that my children are doing several hands-on activities that you might not see in a traditional summer camp environment.  They especially love meeting the animals and exploring the gardens.